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Here at Roundtop Stables, we pride ourselves in the services that we have to offer.

Training is available for all disciplines: barrel racing, western pleasure, hunt seat, reining, and others. Whether it's colt starting, problem horses, or finishing, we have the knowledge and experience to train your horse!
*Colt Starting
   With a young horse, it is important to realize that each is an individual. Building a strong foundation based on trust and respect is key to success.
*Problem Horses
   We treat these horses as unique individuals with respect and integrity. This allows them to overcome whatever issues they happen to have. We here, at RTS, believe that all horses have desire to cooperate, and just need to be allowed to find a way.
*Finishing Horses
   Progressing a horse to show level or simply making them bombproof is a key ingredient to any training program and we have the skills to do this.
***Training rates are $500/month for short term (less than 90 days) which includes boarding, feeding, and a supervised lesson each week.
***Training rates for long term (90 days or more) are $450/month which includes boarding, feeding, and a supervised lesson each week.

Home Health Service:
Deluxe Car Wash:
Septic Tank Repairs:
Shoe Repair:

    Here at Roundtop Stables, we provide custom designed services for individuals of all levels/abilities and disciplines.
    We pride ourselves in our private lesson program because this allows us to give each student the attention they deserve. Lessons include: basic horse care, equipment, feeding/nutrition, management, exercise physiology. This enables the student to be able to own their own horse if they chose so.
*1-hr Private Lessons- $35/hr
*1/2 hr Private Lessons- only recommended for beginners, $20/hr
*Group lessons- available at discounts, contact for details.
***Girl Scout Badge leadership is also available.  

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Roundtop Stables
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